Christie’s Travel: Art Travel experience to Venice, Florence and around the World

Christie’s Travel, in association with Abercrombie & Kent, announces its collection of 2015 tours for art lovers in specialist-led, small-group tours to the heart of Europe, Egypt and China

Christie’s Travel: Art Travel experience to Venice, Florence and around the World

Christie’s Travel, in association with Abercrombie & Kent, is delighted to introduce a collection of exceptional art journeys combining the talents of the world’s leading art business and the international leader in luxury travel. Renowned for their shared passions in creating extraordinary and meaningful experiences for their clients around the world, A&K and Christie’s have come together to handpick destinations which are best suited to small, intimate groups of like-minded individuals who love art, culture and travel.  From the Côte D’Azur, Venice, Florence, and London, to  Cairo and Beijing , every itinerary features signature ‘insider access’ elements to provide special art experiences in an exclusive setting – with behind-the-scenes entrée to the art world, plus personal insights from a Christie’s specialist. Each Christie’s host has acquired deep expertise in their specialty through a unique combination of academic preparation and real-world experience in the hunt for the world’s most sought-after auction items, accumulating vast networks of artists, collectors and curators. The result is a truly distinctive experience for those who are curious and just dipping their toe into the art world, or simply fanatical about art.

The 2015 collection features two options of itineraries to cater for the varying levels of art or cultural engagement desired by the client.  The ‘Experience Tours’ are itineraries designed to focus on the whole cultural experience of a destination, and appeal to art and culture lovers. Custom-made ‘signature moments’ are woven into each itinerary to offer one-off art-focused experiences, led by a Christie’s specialist in exclusive settings. Aspirational art connoisseurs will find these special experiences the perfect preview for a Collector Tour. For a limited time, the Experience Tour to Egypt is available at a savings of £500 per person, double occupancy, if booked before 28 February, 2015. See details below.

The ‘Collector Tours’ are designed for art enthusiasts, aspiring collectors and connoisseurs – those interested in collecting, or those wishing to increase their knowledge in a specific genre of their art or cultural interest. These tours are in-depth and focused on the learning experience, offering rare, insider experiences to the usually inaccessible layers of the art world. Meeting leading artists, collectors and curators of world-class art institutions around the world is integral to these itineraries as is their expert leadership. Throughout each tour, a leading specialist from Christie’s accompanies the group, offering a new or different perspective on their area of expertise in fine or contemporary art, jewellery or design, or the art market and collecting.


Florence: The Art and Literature of the Renaissance

Join Christie’s Travel, in association with Abercrombie & Kent, on a journey through Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance and once the inspiration for masters including Brunelleschi, Bernini and Michelangelo. The city itself is a masterpiece, where history pours from every corner, and the volume of magnificent art and architecture at every turn makes the fashionable city one of the world’s finest open-air museums. It is a compact city of cobbled streets and hidden piazzas, which tell a story of historic daily life, and is best explored on foot.


  • Christie’s specialist Marco Riccomini is on hand with personal insights and expertise on the Pitti Palace
  • Private access to the Vasari Corridor
  • Go behind the scenes on a private tour of the Giambologna Chapel and watch a small team of art restorers work their magic
  • Private view of Michelangelo drawings in Casa Buonarotti
  • Private-room dining at Alle murate, a palazzo and museum, home to the earliest known frescoes depicting Dante and Boccaccio

Dates/Pricing: Florence: The Art and Literature of the Renaissance tour runs three times: 23-27 April, 15-19 October, 29 October – 2 November

Venice: From Renaissance to the Biennale

Join Christie’s Travel, in association with Abercrombie & Kent, in Venice as we wind through the canals and hidden passages in search of some of the city’s most magnificent works of art. Architecture and art are part and parcel of the city’s charm, from the Renaissance buildings that flank the grand palazzos to the modern masters such as Picasso and Miró whose work is intricately documented at the Guggenheim. We’ll go behind the scenes of some of the city’s most exclusive museums and galleries to experience the masterpieces without the crowds.


  • Discover Venice’s vibrant contemporary art scene at the 56th Art Biennale, the city’s renowned arts festival with its tours, laboratories and creative workshops.
  • Learn about the history of Palazzo Papadopoli with Countess Bianca Arrivabene, vice chairman of Christie’s in Italy, and view the palazzo’s impressive frescoes
  • Enjoy private access to the secret passageways in the Doge’s Palace and the statues that operate St. Mark’s Clock Tower
  • Explore the islands around Venice, including Murano and Mazzorbo, where we will have lunch and a wine tasting led by a sommelier
  • Take a private tour of the Guggenheim Museum

Dates/Pricing: Venice: From Renaissance to the Biennale runs three times: 1-5 October, 22-26 October and 29 October – 2 November