Francesca Nini Carbonini at the “Presenze N.3” exposition with paintings of iconic women

Artist Francesca Nini Carbonini and other 20 Italian artists on display in Barcelona to express their presence in the Art World.

Francesca Nini Carbonini at the “Presenze N.3” exposition with paintings of iconic women

Barcelona, ​​November 2019 – It is called Presenze N. 3 and it is the one exhibition that brings 20 Italian artists to Barcelona. Organized by the Italian agency of art events La Maya Desnuda of Forlì and by the cultural association Associazione Romagna Cultura, it was inaugurated past November 21 at 7:30 pm at the BCM Art Gallery (Bailén Street, 134) and will stay open until next December 7.

Among the presences at the exhibition there is Francesca NINI Carbonini, Milanese-Lampedusa artist who has made the pictorial vandalization her artistic signature, which exhibits four of the iconic women in the series of works “Once Upon a Time“: Frida Kahlo, Liza Minnelli, Aretha Franklin and Sophia Loren.

The works of Once Upon a Time arise from the need to explore through the eyes of female icons – comments Francesca NINI Carbonini -. Studying their lives, I tried to put myself in their shoes, an exciting and painful experience at the same time, I tried to gather their intimate expressions, I looked into their eyesight, I painted all these icons with a closed mouth, without any smile, any winking: the mouth can stay shut if we speak with the whole face.”

“We have selected works of communication that were effective in Barcelona, ​​a showcase for Italian artists – comments Silvia Arfelli, art critic and artistic director of the exhibition -. “Our choice fell on artists who interpret different styles, for a varied artistic proposal that reaches a diversified public. The title “Presenze” (Presences in English) refers to artists who can leave a trace, both pictorial and photographic “.

Artists on display: Corrado Avanzi, Laura Biancospino, Vittorio Boi, Eugenio Bonaldo, Lilia Bruni, Francesca Nini Carbonini, Raffaella Di Benedetto, Maria Falconieri, Andrea Ferrari, Bruno Ferrari, Dario Fiocchi Nicolai, Antonio Galeazzi, Stefano Grasselli, Francesco Loliva, Paolo Manganelli, Daniela Prezioso, Francesco Recupero, Francesco Sandrelli, Giulio Scutellari, Francesca Tosi.

Translated by Gerardo Iannacci

Source: Ilenia Franchi