The Cultural routes of the Roma Slow Tour association

Slow Tours which let you discover an alternative Rome obscure to Mass Tourism.

The Cultural routes of the Roma Slow Tour association

On October 27th, for the Tevere Day, Cinema and Literature based tours have been held on the bike road alongside the Tiber river. The tours were structured with 2 guides which were telling info about Cinema and Literature, also good for the wallet considering that the itineraries were free entry, prior sending an email.

3 tours were held respectively from Bridge Flaminio to Bridge Marconi, to narrate of the Tiber through films that were filmed on its bridges (one of those movies was the famous film “Accattone” directed by Pasolini) and through poems and stories whose words were inspired by Italian writers of the caliber of Moravia.

Each of the tours had a length of 3 and a half kilometers and lasted more or less two hours: every quarter of an hour the group of forty or more people stopped to listen to the recitation of a song or an explanation regarding the story of a bridge or a particular bank of the Tiber, all together with an exhibition of photos of scenes from movies shot in those places.

Everything was organized by Roma Slow Tour: a cultural association that promotes a type of slow tourism based on artistic sensitivity, in order to preserve Rome’s great heritage in terms of environment, landscape, traditions, art and culture.

Roma Slow Tour activities are aimed at certain tourists that wish to get away from the usual mass tourism circuits and immerse themselves in the local reality and certainly also to all the Romans and new citizens of the Eternal City who want to take the time to get to know it better, slowly and in depth, with the care and love that a city of similar beauty deserves.

The tours offered are divided into 4 categories: walking tours, urban trekking, guided tours and bike tours. Starting from the first category, the walking tours concern the most important Roman districts, (Garbatella, Trastevere, Città Giardino Aniene, Trullo etc.), the guided tours are about absolutely non banal museum proposals such as (Accatolico Museum, Atac Museum, Centrale Monte Martini, etc.) then urban trekking and long-distance bike tours go for long routes and also along the Tiber and Aniene rivers (Cammino delle Sette Chiese, Via Nomentana, Mura Aureliane).

So there are numerous cultural itineraries available every week, usually from 10 euros upwards, but sometimes even for free, as in the case of the tours organized for the Tevere Day. It is mandatory to book in advance and gather at the appointed time at the collection point, possible but not necessary is to join the Roma Slow Tour cultural association to enjoy insurance coverage or discounts regarding the tours.

Just a wonderful slower way to enjoy the Art of the Eternal City that escapes speed and the mainstream circuits.

Written and Translated by Gerardo Iannacci.