OpenAi, double step backwards from Microsoft and Apple: they give up their seat on the board. Antitrust's fault?

In a letter to OpenAi, Microsoft announces: “Our role as observers is no longer necessary.” Apple also disappears, while the global antitrust authorities investigate the influence of Big Tech on artificial intelligence

OpenAi, double step backwards from Microsoft and Apple: they give up their seat on the board. Antitrust's fault?

Double step back up OpenAi. Both Microsoft and Apple they gave up their seat observers on the board of directors of the company founded by Sam Altman. The decision comes just seven days after the announcement of theentrance by Phil Schiller, responsible for the Apple App Store, on the board of the artificial intelligence start-up that followed the agreement between OpenAi and Cupertino which plans to bring ChatGpt to Apple devices.

Microsoft's renunciation

Microsoft, which has invested heavily in OpenAi's artificial intelligence 13 billions of dollars, she explained in a letter the reasons that led her to announce her withdrawal from the start-up's board of directors. According to the Redmond giant, in fact, the presence of one of its representatives on the company's board would no longer be necessary. 

“In the last eight months – Microsoft writes to OpenAi in a letter sent on July 9th – we have witnessed significant progress by the new board of directors and we are confident in the direction of the company. In light of all this, we no longer consider our role necessary limited number of observers". In short, after the upheavals that led to the dismissal and then rehiring, thanks to the intervention of the company founded by Bill Gates, of CEO Sam Altman, OpenAi would have managed to regain its stability and would no longer need the "supervision" of Microsoft . 

OpenAi, Apple also disappears

In the meantime, according to what they report Financial Times e Bloomberg, also Apple would have decided to retrace its steps. 

Last May, Cupertino announced a partnership with the Sam Altman-led company under which the world's most famous chatbot will be integrated into iPhones, iPads and Macs as part of a suite of artificial intelligence features. The agreement does not involve any outlay of money, but it will be beneficial for both sides, given that OpenAi will have the opportunity to access hundreds of millions of potential users. The agreement was followed by the announcement of last July 3, with which Apple and OpenAi had communicated that starting from the end of the year Schiller would join the board of the start-up in the role of observer, the same held until now by Microsoft. In the last hours he would have taken a step backwards.

A spokesperson for OpenAI made it known that, following Microsoft's exit, there will no longer be observers on the board and that the company will adopt a new engagement approach partners, organizing regular meetings with Microsoft and Apple and with investors such as Thrive Capital and Khosla Ventures.

Antitrust's fault?

Some observers have pointed out how the "double retreat" has arrived precisely at the moment in which antitrust authorities around the world have decided to target the influence of Big Tech in artificial intelligence. The regulatory authorities of the European Union and the United States are in fact examining the partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI as part of broader concerns about competition in a rapidly growing industry.