Leonardo signs commercial agreements with Weststar in Malaysia

Weststar, a Malaysian charter airline will introduce an AW609 tiltrotor in Malaysia. It also signed an agreement with the Italian company for the purchase of five helicopters. First flight in the region using sustainable bio-fuel

Leonardo signs commercial agreements with Weststar in Malaysia

Leonardo e Weststar (Weststar Aviation Services), a Malaysian charter airline, have tightened commercial and technological development agreements. The announcement took place in the course of Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA 2023), a maritime and aerospace exhibition held once every two years in Langkawi, Malaysia.

AW609 tiltrotor

Weststar will introduce a AW609 tiltrotor in Malaysia and will operate it under a leasing agreement. The aircraft will be used for scarry out various missions in the country and its operational capabilities will be developed further, for the specific needs and expectations of the regional market. Leonardo will provide initial training and supportor maintenanceas well as demonstration activities during the capacity building phase. The AW609 programme, the world's first multi-role tiltrotor designed to achieve civil certification, marks the entry of the newest aircraft into Southeast Asia.

Five AW139 helicopters

Weststar has also signed a contract for the purchase of a further five AW139 helicopters in offshore configuration strengthening its contribution to the regional energy industry. Also worth mentioning is an important sustainability goal joined by a Weststar AW139 helicopter in VIP configuration. The helicopter performed the first demonstration flight in Malaysia with theuse of sustainable bio-fuel, known as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). This flight demonstrates Leonardo's commitment to reducing the environmental impact of aviation, contributing to the reduction of global carbon emissions.

Weststar Aviation Services has become one of the leading global players in the sector of offshore helicopters since its inception in 2003. Currently, the company employs a fleet of 35 helicopters of the AW139, AW169 and AW189 models at various bases around the world. This collaboration with Leonardo further strengthens Weststar's position as one of the largest commercial operators of Leonardo helicopters. The Italian company, on the other hand, continues to expand its presence in the Malaysian helicopter market. With a regional hub for customer support and training near Kuala Lumpur, Leonardo has been present in the region for many years, with hundreds of helicopters performing various missions.

“Given how Weststar is constantly striving for innovation and operational excellence, we are thrilled to partner with Leonardo to introduce the tiltrotor AW609 in Malaysia. This revolutionary aircraft it will transform our operational capabilities, providing us with a versatile platform to carry out our varied missions. We are proud to be the first to bring the world's first multi-role tiltrotor to Southeast Asia and look forward to demonstrating its outstanding capabilities to our current and potential customers. At Weststar, we are committed to promoting sustainable aviation practices and reducing the impact of emissions. We are one step closer to reducing the environmental impact of the rotary-wing sector in Malaysia, thanks to the successful demonstration flight of our AW139 powered by Petronas' SAF. This achievement demonstrates our commitment to pursuing innovative solutions that drive positive change in the industry. We remain committed to shaping a greener future for the aviation industry and reducing emissions, beyond borders,” said Tan Sri Syed Azman Syed Ibrahim, CEO The Weststar Group.