G7, Pope Francis preaches prudence on AI and meets Zelensky who dismisses Putin's plan: "He is a Nazi"

Pope Francis' speech before the extended session of the G7 summit in Puglia: "Artificial intelligence is a fascinating and tremendous tool". Zelensky on the peace proposal put forward by Putin: "The new Nazism has the face of the Russian president". The meeting with Bergoglio

G7, Pope Francis preaches prudence on AI and meets Zelensky who dismisses Putin's plan: "He is a Nazi"

Artificial Intelligence? A "serious mistake to forget that he is not a human being". The first of Papa Francesco al G7 in Puglia is characterized by clear words onIA. To the Summit of the Greats organized in Borgo EgnaziaIn fact, today the pontiff intervened with a visit of historic importance and, in front of the extended session of the summit, said: "The vigorous technological advancement makes artificial intelligence a fascinating and terrible tool at the same time and imposes a reflection on the height of the situation." And again: “In this direction perhaps we could start from the observation that artificial intelligence is first and foremost a tool. And it is natural to say that the benefits or damage it will bring will depend on its use”.

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Pope Francis on AI: “Fascinating and tremendous tool”

“Faced with the prodigies of machines, which seem to know how to choose independently, we must be clear that the human being must always be left with the decision, even with the dramatic and urgent tones with which this sometimes presents itself in our lives. We would condemn humanity to a hopeless future if we took away from people the ability to decide about themselves and their lives, condemning them to depend on the choices of machines", adds the Pontiff, according to whom "we need to guarantee and protect a space of significant human control over the process of choosing artificial intelligence programs. Human dignity itself is at stake."

“Many of us have been impressed by the applications easily available online to compose text or produce an image on any theme or subject. Particularly attracted by this perspective are students who, when they have to prepare papers, make disproportionate use of them."

However, in this way, he warns, “not only do we run the risk of legitimize fake news and to strengthen the advantage of a dominant culture, but also to undermine the educational process in nuce. The education that should provide students with the possibility of authentic reflection risks being reduced to a repetition of notions, which will be increasingly evaluated as incontrovertible, simply because of their continuous re-proposition".

Zelensky: “The new Nazism has the face of Putin”

Meanwhile, speaking to Sky TG24 il Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in response to a question about the peace proposal presented by Putin, said: “What can I say, these messages are ultimatum messages, they have nothing different from the ultimatums he has made before. We currently see a resurgence of Nazism. It's a new wave of Nazism, because it is Russian Nazism. What Putin declares is that we should give back part of our occupied territories, but also the unoccupied ones. He says he will stop and there will not be a frozen conflict. They are the same messages that Hitler sent, not even 100 years have passed since he asked for only a part of Czechoslovakia saying that he would then stop. These are historical lies. Then there was Poland and then the occupation of all of Europe. You know that this wave of Nazism never stops because Putin has also arrived in Africa, he has arrived in different parts of the earth. This is why we should not trust these messages, because Putin today talks about four regions, previously he talked about Crimea and Donbass. I want to remind you that in 2014 when the occupation of Crimea began, we were only talking about Crimea and Donbass. Today we are talking about four Ukrainian regions that he considers Russian. He doesn't care anything about what happens to the people and his military, this is the new face of Nazism and I am absolutely sure of this, because there are some skeptics in the world who say 'it's not really Nazism' because still that wave it hasn't started. I believe that we should not wait for the new wave, because Nazism he has already arrived and now he has the face of Putin."

G7, meeting between Pope Francis and Zelensky

“I met the Pope and thanked him for his prayers for peace in Ukraine, his spiritual closeness to our people and humanitarian aid for Ukrainians”. He writes it on X Volodymyr Zelensky after meeting Francesco on the sidelines of the G7 in Borgo Egnazia. “I informed the Pope of the consequences of Russian aggression, its aerial terror and the difficult energy situation. We discussed the Peace Formula, the role of the Holy See in establishing a just and lasting peace and expectations for the Global Peace Summit,” thanking him for the Holy See's participation in the summit.