Eusider acquires 100% of Profiltubi and strengthens its position in welded steel tubes

The Anghileri family group has completed the acquisition of Profiltubi and its subsidiary OMV Ventura from the German fund Auctus Capital Partners, bringing an important player in the country's steel sector back under Italian ownership

Eusider acquires 100% of Profiltubi and strengthens its position in welded steel tubes

Eusider Group has completed theacquisition of 100% of Profiltubi of Reggiolo and its subsidiary OMV Ventura of Lesmo from the German fund Auctus Capital Partners. Profiltubi is a leader in the Italian market for the production and marketing of welded carbon steel tubes, with a consolidated turnover of approximately 200 million euros. An important industrial reality in the country's steel sector is thus brought back under Italian ownership, through a share reshoring operation.

The acquisition will create a strategic hub

The acquisition plays a fundamental role for the objectives of the Eusider Group, allowing it to create a strategic hub which will increase market power.

Thanks to the conclusion of this operation, the Group will be able to benefit from sharing work processes efficient, innovative technologies and logistical advantages. The new commercial synergies with Profiltubi and the increase in production capacity will allow the group to also grow from a turnover point of view, predicting an estimated turnover of between 1,2 and 1,3 billion euros by 2024.

Who is Eusider

The Eusider group, by property of the Anghileri family, is one of the main service centers in Italy, active in the processing of coils, tubes, heavy plates, rounds and tinplate. In 2022 it recorded a turnover of 1,2 billion euros and an Ebitda of 10,6%.

Founded at the end of the Seventies by Eufrasio and Antonio Anghileri, the group is based in Costa Masnaga, in the province of Lecco. Eusider serves a wide range of sectors, including household appliances, automotive, construction machinery, industrial vehicles, shipbuilding and mechanical workshops. In addition to Eusider Spa, the group includes ten other subsidiary companies and 15 production plants, employing approximately 900 people and producing and delivering approximately 1,3 million tons of steel.

The Profiltubi group

Il Profiltubi group, based in Reggiolo in the province of Reggio Emilia, has been operating in the steel sector for fifty years and has specializes in the production of electrowelded carbon steel pipes, available in different shapes and sizes.

In 2020, the majority of the shares were acquired by the German private equity fund Auctus Capital Partners, in partnership with some members of the Alfieri family. Auctus promoted further commercial developments for the Profiltubi Group, under the leadership of CEO Giorgio Frigerio, and favored a transition towards modern managerial management. At the same time, it supported a targeted mergers and acquisitions strategy, culminating in the 100% acquisition of OMV Ventura in 2021.

The operation will see the involvement, still in the definition phase, of various financial institutions, including Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Credit Agricole, Banco BPM, Bper and Simest.

“With this operation the process of growth and verticalization continues of our group. The acquisition of Profiltubi and OMV Ventura is strategic as it allows us to complete the range of pipes offered: now we cover all sizes and we are able to present ourselves on the market in a complete and integrated way" stated the founder Eufrasio Anghileri.

“I express great satisfaction, also on the part of all the collaborators of Profiltubi and OMV for this operation with the Eusider group which will allow us a further and significant development in the welded tube sector” declared the Manager of the Profiltubi Group, Giorgio Frigerio who will continue to serve as president.