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FIRSTonline is published by A.L. Initiative Editoriali S.r.l. (limited liability company), with registered office in Rome, founded and controlled by Ernesto Auci and Franco Locatelli.

Ernesto Auci is President of our publishing company and co-founder. 48 years of journalism, including 6 years as chief communication manager at F.I.A.T. (now FCA – automotive field). Afterwards sales record of “Il Sole24Ore” newspaper as editor in chief.

Franco Locatelli is Editor in chief of our online newspaper FIRSTonline and co-founder. 35 years of journalism, including 20 years as editorial chief at “Il Sole24Ore” newspaper. Author of books and essays on banks and big industries.

Meat non-meat: the new future of nutrition?

Sustainable, animal friendly and very similar to meat: animal protein substitutes are the greatest food revolution of our times. With vegetable products such as the Beyond Meat burger and the Impossible Food burger, the synthetic chicken from Singapore and the…